Let’s “Arrive Together”. On Transportation Equity

Let’s “Arrive Together”. On Transportation Equity
Last week, WISDOM joined with our partners from the Sierra Club, 1,000 Friends of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired, and the Chippewa Valley Transit Alliance to publish a report entitled, “Arrive Together:  Transportation Access and Equity in Wisconsin.” 

You can download the report here: Arrive Together.

It is a comprehensive and understandable presentation of the realities of public transportation in our state.  It is clear that we have a long way to go, especially so that our seniors, our young people, our low-income workers, and our brothers and sisters living with disabilities can participate fully in our communities.
The report doesn’t just lift up the bad news of how transit has been neglected and how Wisconsin has fallen behind. It shows real, practical, possible ways our state can improve things.  For one thing, we need Regional Transportation Authorities (RTA’s), like most other states have.  An RTA allows the people of a region (e.g. Southeast Wisconsin, or the Fox Valley) to agree to create a system that covers the whole area – something that makes so much more sense than having every municipality make its own policy.

WISDOM will be especially promoting the issue of RTA’s in the coming state budget.  Current state law prohibits regions from making their own decisions about whether or not to have RTA’s, so we first need the state to permit local control.

Please, take a minute to read the report.  At least read the Executive Summary!  If you want to be part of the WISDOM Transportation Task Force, contact Sr. Barbara Pfarr at bpfarrwisdom@gmail.com, or at 414-831-2070.


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