700 Participants in Our Candidate Forum!

700 Participants in Our Candidate Forum!

Almost 700 people participated in WISDOM’s Gubernatorial Candidate Forum.  Our leaders gave powerful testimony on our 14 issues and asked pointed questions of each candidate.  Each Candidate answered YES to each of our questions.  We have them on record!

You can download the program with our issue positions and the questions here.
You can watch the program on WisconsinEye, here.  Go to recent programs–WISDOM Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, June 11.

All of the candidates promised to:
  • end Crimeless Revocations and work to close the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF);
  • support Regional Transportation Authorities;
  • support a re-instatement of the Prove It First Mining Moratorium, Drivers’ Cards for undocumented people in our communities, and background checks at gun shows;
  • get an immediate, outside review of the broken parole system, and support the End Child Poverty campaign.
  • and more.  A more complete rundown of the issues and responses will be coming soon.
Perhaps the most amazing thing is that all seven of the candidates present promised they could end the use of Solitary Confinement for more than 15 consecutive days, and they would get it done within four years!
The seven candidates who participated in person last night were:  Dana Wachs, Mahlon Mitchell, Kelda Roys, Matt Flynn, Kathleen Vinehout, Mike McCabe and Andy Gronik.  We are grateful to all of them for their presence and the careful attention they paid to the WISDOM speakers.
Barbara Robinson on Parole and Compassionate Release
Jeremy Mohawk opened the session with a Menominee Blessing
Melissa Ludin, EXPO President, introduced WISDOM
Robert Agnew on Revocations
Yolanda Perkins on Close MSDF Campaign
Rev. Willie Brisco, WISDOM President’s Call to Action
Jane Audette and Peggy Drana on Education
Kathi Zoern on Regional Transportation Authorities
Talib Akbar on Solitary Confinement
Sarah Ferber on TAD Funding
Tony Brown on Mining
Tammy Hayward introduced Co-Sponsors
Bernie Gonzalez on Driver Licenses for Immigrants
Wayne Skattum on Health Care
Rev. Kerri Parker on End Child Poverty Campaign
Candidates hold up green tags to indicate support for WISDOM issues.



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