A Testimonial — Legislative Evening in Annapolis

A Testimonial — Legislative Evening in Annapolis

Legislative Evening in Annapolis – Feb. 21, 2018:

A Testimonial from a Participant



I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed being able to go to Annapolis with the BRIDGE Maryland group.  I have been to Annapolis many times with two other organizations I belonged to years ago, but this is the most enjoyable and successful time of them all.  I have never seen so many of the politicians come and give us so much attention on our views. Usually, it may be one or two of them that stop and speak with us.  They were speaking on our behalf because they knew what we wanted was worth their wanting to help us.  I am so proud of our pastors’ fighting for the rights of our people.  Different nationalities of different churches being united together helps a lot.

                        —  From Margaret Holtzclaw, Wayland Baptist Church, Baltimore


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